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5 Ancient Healing Techniques Still Used Today

5 Ancient Healing Techniques Still Used Today

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Even though I am a professional medical practitioner in the UK, I admit that in the thousand year history of medicine, some medical practices have survived the test of time and are still being used today.

This only proves that the ancients had a much more advanced idea of medicine than we originally give them credit for.

While it is true that many of these medical practices are erroneous and sometimes even life threatening, some them are still proved to be highly useful in saving people’s lives.

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Finding the Perfect Place for Your Ancient Healing Practice

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For someone who is interested in ancient healing techniques, you may want to come to a point where you want to share your holistic healing practice with others.

Of course, not everyone can simply start a healing practice. As with all medical practices that hope to make money, you will have to be properly educated.

You must also have a certificate and have a license to practice. Of course, once you have all of these things, you will want to make sure that you find the perfect place to start your ancient healing practice.

Healing Gardens – Therapeutic Landscapes at Henry Ford Hospital

Your location is absolutely important, because your clients will expect a certain level of professionalism from you.

I have a friend who is located in London and is hoping to start up her own healing practice using ancient techniques that she learned during her certification course.

So here is how you can find the perfect place to start up your ancient healing practice.

Contact your local estate agent

callIf you are located in London like my friend is, choose something like bargets estate agents.

Bargets is a very trustworthy estate agency and they specialise in finding high quality properties within and around London.

You will find that there are many choices available, even if they are not always listed.

Thankfully, Bargets is equally capable of finding both private and commercial properties for your practice.

If you like, you can even do a home practice, converting one part of your home to something else. This will allow you to use ancient healing techniques from a home clinic.

Ask your Bargets agent if you can find a property that has a garden. Believe it or not, a lot of ancient healing techniques benefit from being treated while outdoors. Many clients will look for a nice, secluded area that is wooded.

I find that with many patients, a Zen styled garden works well – Use lots of bamboo, stones, and water features in your garden clinic.

They promote wellness and healing, especially if you are practising Ayurveda or Reiki. You can also use the garden to plant medicinal plants if you can.

Make sure it is of the proper size

Your clinic does not have to be particularly big, but it does have to be of a proper size.

Along with your healing garden, you must have a place that has a reception area, a private area for check ups and healing, and an office. It must have a suitable size.

Ask your estate agent to see what you will need.

locationLocation, location, location

More than anything, your healing practice must have a great location. It is better if you place your healing practice in a high traffic area that is easily accessible by train or bus.

Generally, you want your patients to be able to commute to your clinic. It is also a good idea to place your clinic somewhere that you know will have your target market. Situating yourself near an organic market helps.


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Helping Injuries Heal Naturally Using Ancient Healing Techniques

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A friend of mine works as an engineer specialising in drain repair in maidstone.

He works very hard everyday, clearing drains, fixing broken pipes, and crawling through tight, enclosed spaces to reach difficult pipes.

Of course, working in this kind of environment can lead to injuries and chronic pain.

In fact, my friend from Maidstone has chronic back problems and a painful knee from constantly having to stoop down to fix broken pipes.

He came to me asking for help, so I obliged, always willing to help out a friend in need.

So, after talking to him about the nature of his pain, we tried the following ancient healing techniques to help him get back on his feet and manage his pain.

reikiI originally suggested that he try acupuncture for his back and knee problems, but he refused because of his fear of needles.

I promised that acupuncture would not be painful at all but he was adamant about not having any needles even near him.

So, we decided to choose an alternative that has very similar effects to acupuncture, without the puncturing.

Reiki is a Japanese healing technique where hands are placed on specific parts of the bodies. Life force energy is directed towards the area, which helps relieve stress and pain.

After a few Reiki sessions, his pain in his back and knees have significantly been reduced. He also says that he feels more empowered, like he is ready to get back to work on those clogged drains.

Ayurvedic Medicine
ayurvedaAyurveda is 5,000 years old and originates from India, where healing is encouraged through lifestyle changes, good, healthy food, and herbal supplements.

In Ayurvedic medicine, there are three forces that keep the body in balance – vata, pitta, and kapha.

Vata is the energy of motion, and is associated with the element of air.

Pitta on the other hand, represents transformation and the element of fire, and kapha is growth or earth.

After bringing my friend to an Ayurvedic practitioner, he suggested that he had an imbalance – he had too much pitta and not enough vata. He gave him some herbal remedies and breathing exercises to get him back on track

Tai Chi
taichiTai Chi is the first exercises I suggested to my friend because it is a calming, low impact activity that is perfect for his back and knee pains.

Developed in ancient China, tai chi is a martial art that uses the healing powers of Qi or life force. The energy forces of Qi can be blocked in the body, leading to pain and stress.

However, by practising tai chi, the blockage can be cleared and to allow healing life energy to pass through the body.

Along with Ayurvedic medicine, yoga is healthy for the mind and body. Yoga uses stretches and strengthening exercises to improve flexibility and strength.

Since my friend will have to continue his work crawling through tight spots and cleaning out clogged drains, I suggested that he get into yoga to help relieve the pain in his back while also strengthening his muscles.

For beginners, this yoga video can help you get started with the basic positions:

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Health Benefits of Active Play for Children

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One of the hallmarks of holistic alternative and ancient healing techniques is to follow a healthy, active lifestyle.

I believe that you should prevent diseases instead of waiting to become sick – stop it in its tracks before it becomes worse. After all, prevention is the best medicine.

Start early on and make sure that your children are working on being healthy. Good health habits should be instilled at an early age so that they can avoid being sick throughout their lives.

After all, children who were raised to be healthy and active while they are still young are more likely to grow up as healthy adults.

One of the ways that you can instil a healthy lifestyle is to make sure that your children engage in active play.

The health benefits of active play have been thoroughly documented, and children are more likely to make healthy choices as adults if they are allowed to play actively throughout their childhood.

What is active play?

playActive play is basically any play style that requires children to move around and to practice their locomotor skills. Nowadays, because of the prevalence of video games, tablets, and television, children spend more time sitting down and looking at their devices rather than being on their feet and discovering the world outside.

While exercise and sports can be part of active play, I recommend something a bit more unstructured for children.

For example, ancient healing techniques have always been connected with nature and the environment.

Active play can include a visit to the playground, or long walks through the forest.

To make sure that the children keep their interest, you should introduce them to common medicinal plants in the forest, and have them examine them closely as part of play time.

Here’s a very good video showing kids at active play:

What are its benefits?

Children should have at least 60 hours of active play a day. There are several health benefit of active play, as detailed below:

Builds strong bones and muscles
bonesChildren are still growing so their bones are still pliable and flexible. Their muscles are also developing, so while they are young, you should give them the foundation for a strong body.

Active play helps build up strong bones and muscles. Constant movement and exercise can help them grow into strong, healthy adults.

Increases the immune response
virusPart of holistic ancient medicine is knowing how to increase the immune response. In fact, spending a lot of time outdoors in nature is a sure fire way to increase the immune response by exposing the child to dirt, water, and sunlight.

It is perfectly okay to play in the dirt and to allow children to explore their surroundings.

Helps maintain a healthy weight
fatNeedless to say, active play helps keep your children at a healthy weight, because they will have a healthier body that burns calories more efficiently. If you live a life of stagnation, you will likely not be able to maintain a healthy body weight as you are not burning enough calories.

Allowing your children to play outside will help them keep their weight down and lower their risk of contracting diseases associated with obesity.

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Homeopathy Versus Ancient Healing Techniques

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Samuel HahnemannAs a lover of ancient healing techniques and Asian healing techniques, I have heard a lot about homeopathy. And the truth is I have found that the opinions about it vary greatly. I actually did end up doing a lot more research on the matter because a friend of mine told me that he was looking for homeopathy courses in the UK.

So just out of curiosity, I decided to take a look at what it involved. Reading up about homeopathy, I’ve found out that there are many clashing opinions about homeopathy and healing techniques but I’ve also noticed that there has been quite a lot of bias on both ends.

But the truth is I guess everyone’s opinion doesn’t matter—it’s your opinion that does in the end. But an opinion should be formed with the knowledge of the facts on both sides of the spectrum. But I’m not here to give you an opinion to fall in line after, to believe… I’m here to show you the facts behind Homeopathy.

So first and foremost, let’s talk about homeopathy.

What is Homeopathy?
Homeopathy HistoryHomeopathy was created in 1796. It is an alternative method of medicine proposed by Samuel Hahnemann and it was based on his idea of “like cures like”. This idea basically means that a particular substance which would usually cause a healthy person to get sick (or to experience symptoms) would cause a similarly sick person to become healthy.

At this point it is considered a pseudo science—a science that is not exactly…real. However there are those who believe that it is an effective science, that it actually has been effective in curing ailments that have not been cured by newer, modern medical methods.

Homeopathic ApplicationsWhen it comes to the effectiveness of homeopathy, there are two camps with strong opinions. There are those who have experienced actually being cured by homeopathic methods, and there are those who strongly disagree with its effectiveness.

Scientific studies disprove its effectiveness, but people who are strong proponents for homeopathy will say that it is effective and that it has been helping them and their loved ones for a long time. But most people say that homeopathy methods only offer a placebo effect.

There is quite a lot more research to be done before you go right ahead and make your decision on whether to believe homeopathy methods or not.

My Personal Thoughts
Personally I much prefer to stick with my ancient healing methods, which have been known and proven to really help heal. However, I still say that they should always be used in conjunction with modern medicine as sometimes the two methods combine make for faster therapeutic effects.

Homeopathy Explained


What about you though? Have you decided whether you are for or against homeopathy? Let me know in the comments, I really would like to hear from you. However please keep everything polite—I encourage a friendly debate, not full on fighting. Comments will be moderated. Leave your thoughts!

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Our Recent Team Building Activity

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Team BuildingRecently, I had the chance to go on a team building activity with my colleagues. Well actually to tell you the truth I was not just a participant in the team building activity. Instead of being just a participant, I actually was one of the facilitators! This is because I was finally able to get my qualification in team coaching, and at last I was able to put it to good use.

We decided that our team building activity would be health themed. So of course, I helped to put together one of the best, most relaxing team building trips anyone had ever been on! We had all sorts of different activities I’m sure that even you would want to be a part of—including seminars, ancient healing techniques and heck yes, even aromatherapy!

Here are just some of the activities that we did (in between team building sessions and meetings) while on that trip. Don’t get too jealous!

Health Seminar
Health SeminarOne of the things that we did during the team building activity was to have a health seminar. During the seminar we discussed ancient health techniques. We also talked about different diet options—vegan, vegetarian, paleo… We also talked about clean eating. Different food affects our bodies in different ways—junk in, junk out!

So remember… feed yourself well and your body will reward you. Trust me on this one! Don’t feed yourself junk food constantly… you will truly grow to regret it (trust me on this one too). Junk is okay as a treat here and there, but not more than that.

Group Exercise Sessions
Zumba SessionOne more thing that we did was to hire a few instructors for some group exercises. It was quite fun—we found a yogi who did a yoga session with us, and a zumba instructor who had us dancing until we were laughing and our hearts were racing from the fast paces. Aside from food, exercise is also important to keep a healthy body—we all know that.

That’s why it’s important to instill in yourself a habit of exercise—this makes it possible for you to take care of your health. You shouldn’t worry too much about the number on the scale. Eat clean, exercise, and your weight will take care of itself.

Aromatherapy Relaxation

The Benefits of Aromatherapy


After one of our roughest team building sessions, we decided that aromatherapy should be part of our relaxation experience. We lit candles and put on some aromatherapy scented oils and we all gathered together and started telling stories and bonding in general. It was one of the highlights of the trip. We used lavender and mint scents to really get ourselves relaxed.

Acupuncture NeedleFor some reason, people still get quite a lot of the heebie jeebies when they think about acupuncture. It doesn’t surprise me of course since people tend to be weirded out and wary about needles. It even scares many—so much that it has become quite a popular phobia. So for those who felt brave enough to try, we had some acupuncture sessions.

Those that did try told me that they loved it—so it can’t be that bad, right? Especially when many would claim that it worked to remove their pain almost right away.

So are you jealous of all the fun that we had? :P I hope not—because maybe you can join me on another trip next time!

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Recent Health Convention and My Booth!

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I got to attend another health convention, but this time instead of just being an attendee, I actually got to have my own booth for my blog! Yes, that’s right— was one of the featured blogs during that recent health convention.

It wasn’t a giant convention… and I didn’t exactly have one of those huge booths either. But they did set me up with a pop up exhibition stand that I happily decorated and filled with pamphlets and blog swag.

You can bet I had a nice looking booth that day—but I got so busy with ingress and egress and everything in between that I failed at one of my major duties as a blogger…and I forgot to take photos! :( I’m sorry. You’ll just have to use your imaginations. :P

Anyway, during the two day convention I had my booth set up to where people could come by and just take pamphlets and blog swag if they wanted, but I also got in touch with a few people to set a few more things up.

Here’s how my booth was during the convention. I was pretty proud of my set up, and you’ll see why…

Blog Swag and Health Pamphlets Galore

The most prominent thing that featured in my exhibition stand is the wall of pamphlets behind me. I hung up a lot of those pocket things that teachers use to hold flashcards and filled each pocket with leaflets and pamphlets about diseases, holistic cures and ancient medicine.


People always came by and took one or two with interest. It was interesting to watch them looking at the wall until a pamphlet caught their eye. I also had some blog swag up for grabs.

Charity is Good

163557-charity-collection-can-box-shaker-generic-good-qualityI took advantage of the situation and set up a few charitable donation buckets where people could drop their money if they wanted and it would go toward charities that fund medical research. But if they didn’t want to donate their money, I did make sure another option was available.

I got in touch with some sponsors and asked them to donate some goods that I could sell during the convention.

I set these products up and put a sign under them that said 100% of profits go to charity, and then whenever anyone would purchase one of those items I would take their money, take the profit off (still had to pay the sponsor!) and put the profit directly in the donation bucket.

That way even though they made their purchase and came away with something they can actually use, they were still also able to make a donation to medical research. You won’t believe how quickly I sold out of a lot of things!

Card Bowl

fish_bowl_card-297x300I had a bowl where people could drop all of their business cards if they were interested in signing up to my website for updates. But what they didn’t know is the card bowl also served as a raffle draw.

At the end of the convention I took out the bowl, then went up on stage and drew a card.

The lucky winner got blog swag, sponsored healthy food and skin care items, and even a gift cheque to a spa for a few healthy treatments! This was a lot of fun because I really had to work hard to put this little raffle draw together,

I had tremendous fun at this convention, and I can’t wait to do this again, that’s for sure!

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