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5 Ancient Healing Techniques Still Used Today

5 Ancient Healing Techniques Still Used Today

Posted by on Mar 24, 2014 in Ancient Techniques | 0 comments

Even though I am a professional medical practitioner in the UK, I admit that in the thousand year history of medicine, some medical practices have survived the test of time and are still being used today.

This only proves that the ancients had a much more advanced idea of medicine than we originally give them credit for.

While it is true that many of these medical practices are erroneous and sometimes even life threatening, some them are still proved to be highly useful in saving people’s lives.

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Relaxing With Some Herbal Methods You Will Surely Enjoy

Posted by on Jul 12, 2014 in Herbal Remedies | 0 comments

Everyone needs to be able to relax and take a breather, no doubt about it. Not a lot of people will want to work 24/7 all year round without being able to take at least one vacation to recharge.


If you are feeling the stress and the burn out in the moment because of your work load or your problems at school (if any), here are a few tried and tested ways in which you can relax.


These are focused more on herbal and holistic methods, in case you are interested (you probably are since you are on this site after all). Not everyone can afford to relax in Belgium on a golfing holiday, so whatever it is you do, these herbal methods are also more affordable for you.


Drinking Herbal Teas

This has been proven over hundreds and even thousands of years to really be a great way to relax and release the tension. In fact there are even variants of tea called “Tension Tamer” simply because there are many ways in which herbal teas can help you to relax.


There are many different ingredients in teas like chamomile, lavender and so on that really help to calm you mentally and physically. Try it—you’ll see the effects immediately!


Hot Compresses and Hot Pillows

Heat is proven to relax you. If you have a pulled muscle or a sore part on your body, a hot compress can really help. Or if you have a stiff neck and you really need to loosen it up, you can put a hot compress on it.


Meanwhile, here is a video about the other health benefits of herbs and spices:


But since we’re talking about herbal methods here…well, you can still use a hot compress, but this time around use a rice pad with an herbal infusion so you can get all the benefits in one! This is also great for menstrual cramps, should you get them.


Herbal Aromatherapy

You know how people love to light incense or scented candles, right? Well skip the expensive scented candles and just buy a cheap aromatherapy oil burner that runs on tea light candles.


Or if you’re willing to splurge, get an electric one. Choose aromatherapy using essential oils that can relax—green tea, lavender, chamomile, eucalyptus and so on and put it in your oil burner (if using tea light candle mix in water with maybe 8-10 drops scent; if using electric use the oil/scent directly).


You will notice the effect! Remember to never leave a candle unattended though, especially with children or pets in the house.


Massages with Herbal Massage Oil

You know how it goes. Massages on their own are really already very relaxing in their own right, but throw in the use of herbal massage oil and I’m sure you’ll truly enjoy one of the most relaxing feelings in your life.


If your muscles are sore have your massage therapist use an oil that has a minty or menthol effect, you will feel your muscles relax!

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Natural Methods of Dealing with Muscle Pain

Posted by on Jun 9, 2014 in Herbal Remedies | 0 comments

We have all been there before, stuck in bed because of muscle pain caused by one reason or the other. Whether it’s pain caused by poor work conditions or poor posture, or if it’s pain after using big, heavy machinery for sheet metal fabrication, everyone suffers.

And then depending on how bad the pain is some people might not even be able to get out of bed at all, much less move a single bit. Now of course you can take pharmaceutical pain relievers which can quickly take care of the pain, but here are some other natural methods of dealing with the muscle pain.

Remember that these are not a substitute for medical treatment—seek the advice of a medical professional regardless of whether you try these techniques or not.

Rest and Sleep

Remember that the body does all its work when you are asleep. When you rest and sleep you help your body to relieve tension and stress, as well as to rebuild the muscles that had been damaged before.

Don’t forget that it’s always important for you to get your rest because this will speed up the healing process—otherwise you’ll be stuck with your problem for longer than necessary because your body will struggle to recover.

Eat Food Rich in Protein

We all know at this point that protein is good for the muscles. Why else would body builders be so crazy about them? It’s important that you eat a diet rich in protein in conjunction to getting your rest as this helps your muscles recover and rebuild to be stronger and bigger.

But remember, it’s important to still consider a balanced diet over all as this is important for your general health as well.

Herbal Hot Compress

Hot compresses are really good for muscle pain. They relax the muscle and help relieve pain at the same time, making them ideal for those who have injured themselves or pulled a muscle. Upgrade your hot compress to an herbal one so you can benefit from the power of the herbs as well.

Chamomile is a very well known relaxant—add a bag of chamomile tea to your boiling water as you create your hot compress towel, then just hold the hot compress to the area that is in pain. When the towel cools just dip it in the water once more—repeat for about 30 minutes.

Remember however to test if you have allergies first before you use the herbal hot compress, otherwise you may end up with a bad allergic reaction on top of your muscle pain.

Herbal Tea

As with the hot compresses, you can actually drink herbal tea as well. This can help you relax. You can take tea with ingredients such as chamomile and liquorice (which is also known to deal with inflammation so it can help if your muscles are inflamed).

Just a few cups of tea can leave you feeling much better and much more relaxed than you were previous.

Here is a video about most common causes of Muscle Pains:

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The Benefits of Acupuncture

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acupuncture-imageWe all know what acupuncture is—in fact some people may even cringe at hearing that word.

But even though not everybody is cut out for acupuncture and acupuncture isn’t for everyone, it is still a healing technique that offers great benefits, even if you do have to sit through a whole session with an acupuncturist sticking you with needles.

But fret not—when done right it should be painless, or at least mostly painless. I’ve just come back from a treatment of acupuncture while I was in Leeds and let me tell you, I really feel quite rejuvenated.

If you aren’t wary of needles and they don’t make you feel like running for the exit, you might just find that the benefits of acupuncture far outweigh the initial anxiety (“oh my gosh, she is totally coming at me with needles!”).


Meanwhile, Here’s an amazing video documentary about Acupuncture, An Ancient Chinese Therapy…

I’ve done a bit of research so why don’t you have a read about the benefits of acupuncture:

Health and Quality of Life are Improved
Unhealthy or unbalanced diets and lifestyles coupled with stress can greatly unbalance a body and make a person more susceptible to illness. In general, regular acupuncture sessions have been found to enhance a person’s health and subsequently, the quality of their life.


This is because acupuncture points are the so-called gateways to the body’s flow of energy. When acupuncture is performed, the body’s energy systems become balanced, which of course contributes quite positively to a person’s health.

Stress Reduction

acupuncture2-imageAcupuncture is one of those procedures that can really help a person relax and calm down. It also does it by balancing the body’s energy systems, making a person calmer, while at the same time helping to keep away stress-related illnesses that may then come about if stress is allowed to continue unchecked.

Pain Relief or Reduction
Those who may have some form of acute or chronic pain may actually benefit from acupuncture.

There are many different kinds of pain that can be helped by the needles—arthritic pain and menstrual pain being some of them. It can also help those who suffer from carpal tunnel syndrome, neck pains, back pain, migraines and headaches and so on and so forth.

Helps to Balance Your Emotions
The body’s acupuncture points are actually linked not only to the physical aspect, but also to the emotional aspect of a person. Therefore when a person undergoes an acupuncture treatment it helps to balance their emotional state.

acupuncture3-imageIt can actually help with issues such as depression or anxiety, and various others.

Stronger Immune System
This is one of the great benefits of acupuncture. Not only does it help to get rid of the sickness or pain that you already have, but it helps your immune system grow stronger so that you can ward off and fight off future illnesses and infections.

You won’t have to worry as much about catching the cold that’s going around the office—with a stronger immune system you’re less likely to catch ill.

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Natural Will Always Be The Best Way to Go

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natural-beautyYou see all these people these days who have had at least some sort of a procedure done. New nose, new cheeks, improved lips, inflated chest, implanted bottoms, lightened skin, tanned skin, and so on and so forth.

I’m not completely against ‘improvements’ of the sort, but when a person gets addicted to it and starts getting everything worked on, it just is no longer attractive to me.

Instead it becomes quite scary, perhaps even a bit uncomfortable to look at. Natural is still always the best way to go—especially when you hear about some of the horror stories that comes from procedures. To me the best way to be beautiful is to feel beautiful from the inside—by being healthy and feeling healthy (thanks of course to natural healing).

When you’re healthy you just have this glow that is irreplaceable and unmatchable. But anyway, since we’re talking about procedures and things of the sort…

Here are some examples of why natural will always still be the best—something I suppose of a cautionary thing, I guess.

By Attempting to Save on Cost, People Get into a Worse Situation


Some people get so desperate to change their looks that they would do anything just to get what they want. But the bad thing is, when they’re so desperate, they might cut corners, something that is clearly not an option if they want to look their best. Personally, if I were to get any surgery at all (not to say that I would, ever), I would get at least the best plastic surgeon in Phoenix.

Even if I couldn’t exactly avoid it, I’d save up for it rather than what some people do—going to shady, unlicensed practitioners who promise to get things done, but almost never do.

You hear horror stories like bad implants, the practitioners cutting corners and using wrong materials in lieu of Botox and collagen and so on (as if it weren’t bad enough that you’re putting cow poison in your body, some “cheap” unlicensed folk cheat you by using things like cooking oil—highly dangerous!).

So if you’re going to get plastic surgery, go to someone who is legitimate!


Plastic Surgeries Gone Wrong We hear about all sorts of plastic surgeries gone wrong, most particularly from celebrities since their lives are highly publicised. We’ve heard about people who’ve tried to lose weight the easy way (liposuction) only to find that their results were horrible, leading to loose skin and flab (just think about Tara Reid and her horrible liposuction procedure which left her with a bad stomach).

We even hear about bad implant jobs, like a woman whose buttock implant would keep flipping around backwards, leaving her with a bizarre looking bottom unless she fixes it. This is something that it is not supposed to do considering the fact that it should be firmly in place. Horror stories are just that—really horrific. I would never put myself in such a position! But if you would like to, just remember to find someone reputable!

Here’s a few tips from a culinary nutritionist Miranda Gibson about Organic Beauty Tips:


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Ways to Naturally Calm Yourself Down

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Some of us are really just naturally prone to stress, while some of us are really just anxious by nature. No matter what it is, what’s important is we find ways to calm us down because otherwise there will be problems that will arise from this situation.

But while there are all sorts of pharmaceutical products suited for this purpose, I really much prefer the natural ways of calming one’s self down—for as long as they still work and the situation is not urgent (like a patient is in danger of a heart attack or something like that).

So here are some of the ways in which I like to calm myself down (why don’t you tell me your methods in the comments?).

Tea Has Amazing Calming Properties

I love tea. Not just because it’s good for you and your health in the long term, but also because it is filled with amazing calming properties. Any tea will soothe you the moment you drink it, simply because of the fact that it’s hot (or warm if you prefer it that way). The moment it goes down your throat it is simply soothing, calming, and relaxing.

But step it up a notch by choosing tea ingredients that actually are calming in themselves and you’ll have yourself a better time. Chamomile tea is known for being very calming to the nerves and relaxing to the body.

I drank heaps and heaps of Chamomile tea once when I gave a talk (it was huge, so I needed a function room in Leeds and everything and it was wrecking my nerves!) and it really helped me. It’s also a great tea for when you can’t relax enough to get to sleep because you are far too wound up.

Try Counting

No, seriously! I know it may sound like a primitive approach, but sometimes all you need to do is count slowly backwards from a hundred, or ten, or fifty, whatever your number is. When I’m feeling really angry I just close my eyes and count, until slowly that anger dissipates and I become more relaxed.

It has really changed me and my life as it has lessened my frequent hot-headed temper flare-ups. It’s definitely improved my relationship with people around me, that much is for sure.

Deep Breathing

This may be cliche but nothing helps to calm a person down like deep breathing. If you’re stressed, you may find yourself breathing shallowly. If you’re anxious, you might even be hyperventilating to the point where you are losing the feeling in your hands.

Worry less about things, and give yourself and your control up when it comes to situations where you truly have no control. Close your eyes, have a seat, and take a few deep breaths to calm yourself and remove yourself from the anxiety you were feeling.

Trust me, it works! Especially if you use deep breathing as you inhale the aroma of the chamomile tea, or as you count backwards from a hundred.

Watch this video for additional tips on how you can calm down yourself really quick:

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Why I Am Such a Big Fan of Holistic Healing

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holistic-healing-methods-can-touch-the-body--mind-and-spirit_16000625_800772188_0_0_14037537_300Don’t get me wrong. As a medical practitioner I will first and foremost prescribe the necessary medicines that a person needs from modern medicine.

The goal after all is to get the person healed in as fast a period of time as possible, with as little consequent side effects or damage as possible. However sometimes I get complaints about side effects from particularly aggressive medicines.

I get complaints about shots and uncomfortable nurses tourniquets. This is why for smaller problems where the case is not urgent, I suggest herbal remedies to some of my patients.

Here’s why I’m such a big fan of the ancient healing techniques:

You Are Putting Only Natural Things in Your Body

This much is fact. When you’re using herbal remedies, you are using only natural things. You are not putting chemicals (which can be very harmful!) in your body.

As a result you are not harming your body in the slightest (unless of course you have an allergic reaction to something, which could happen regardless of whether it is an herbal remedy or pharmaceutical medicine).

holistic-healing-methods-are-all-around-you_16000625_800694988_0_0_5657_300No Real Side Effects

Because you are only putting natural things in your body, your are safe from side effects. You will not experience the sometimes painful and most often uncomfortable side effects modern pharmaceutical medicines can cause.

This on its own is worth trying herbal cures rather than going straight for the modern medicines. Plus sometimes you get instant relief—tea for a sore throat can be quite lovely. Just ask anybody. Add a little honey for more soothing effects.

Improves Your General Well Being over Time

The ingredients in herbal medicine not only help to cure you of your current affliction, but it also helps you to become healthier in the long run. There are certain things such as garlic which can help you to build your immune system and give it the boost it needs.

There have been teas that help to relax you and your body, lessening the toll which stress can take on you in the long run. There are herbal remedies to high blood pressure.

There are teas which can help with diabetes. The list goes on and on. Herbal remedies are excellent for maintenance.


Changes Your Outlook on Life

Knowing that things that exist on the earth can be so miraculous for your body…doesn’t that just get you thinking about life? I’ve sat and pondered this as I drink tea. It makes you wake up happier every morning, treat your environment and the earth better. It changes your outlook.

A Perfect Complement to Modern Medicine

In cases where it is urgent to cure the patient immediately and herbal remedies is simply not fast enough, I think that the ancient healing techniques are still the perfect complement to modern medicine. They can balance out some side effects as well as help the pharmaceutical medicines along in order for them to work faster.

It’s a perfect arrangement, really—as long as the patient follows through!

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